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Students ages 12 - 16 y.o


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As of now, this Competition is for North American participants only. Stay tuned for the International version!

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The Details

Challenge yourself with the ultimate online STEM competition.

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Learn the coding knowledge required for this competition with the Wiz online learning platform.



Create your own version of the Rover with the provided robotics kit.



Compete with other aspiring future engineers and developers for the best Rover

How do I register?What is the cost to join the competition?What age is the competition for?What if I have no experience?Do I need to be a Wiz Robotics student?When is the registration deadline?

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Do I need to be a Wiz Robotics student?

A: No. This is open to everyone :)

When is the registration deadline?

A:  Competition start time is once you register and receive the robotic kit. 
Participants receive a welcome package of all details about competition/submissions once registered via email.
Registration deadline is May 23, 2022.
Since this is an online competition, the registration is ongoing until May 23, 2022

How do I register?

A: Registration is open! Follow the registration instructions. Click on the red "Count me in" Button. Make sure to get your parent's approval first!

What age is the competition for?

A: This competition is for students ages 12-16 year olds.

What is the cost to join the competition?

A: It costs $150 CAD to register. Includes a Robotics Kit for this challenge. However students need to do more to customize additionally

What if I have little experience?

AWe give all students tutorials that guide them to be successful in accomplishing the competition! If students accomplish all the challenges, they will know a thing or two about coding!

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Mix Design 

With Code

Compete for a prize pool of $2000! Winner will be announced in June - July of 2022!

Robotics kit is on the way!

Every Wiz Prodigy Competition registration will include a robotics kit. 

The kit will include: mini motors, development board, screws and nuts, wires, breadboard, and much more!

Learn. Create. Compete.

Access the unique Wiz learning platform and get started with the lessons that will prepare you for this competition!

Competition Judging Day

The Challenge

Participants will be judged on three elements




Bonus challenges are detailed in the wiz platform once enrolled.

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Wiz Prodigy

Whether you are an aspiring robot creator, or a student just starting to learn to code, the Wiz Prodigy Online STEM Competition has something for you.

Each registration comes with an at-home robotics kit and paired with the Wiz STEM learning platform so you can learn coding, build a robot, and compete with others. No prior knowledge necessary!

Participants can choose to work individually or in teams. 

Each team can have up to five members. 

Teams should be registered using a SINGLE registration attempt. A single kit will be sent to the addressed specified in the registration.

Team Size

The Skills

Participating in a STEM Competition can teach you many skills outside of the classroom.

The Wiz Prodigy Online STEM Competition offers a fun and rewarding experience for students to learn critical STEM skills while gaining hands-on experiences with building their own robots.

Learn more about the skills developed

The Wiz Prodigy Goals

The Wiz Prodigy Online STEM Competition seeks to establish an engaging environment for all participants.


The Wiz Prodigy Online STEM Competition journey begins as soon as you enrol.

Online STEM Competition

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Discover Wiz Robotics

Discover Wiz Robotics


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Join other North American students on the ultimate online STEM competition that combines both STEM learning and hands-on robotics design.

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